Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A First Time for Everything!!

So this year is becoming a big one for "firsts"

The obvious ones are my first marathon. (Don't forget you can donate, link is at the bottom!)

I am acknowledging my own feelings towards my Dads illness for the first time. (You can text donate too! Text RLKM50 WITH THE AMOUNT TO 70070)

Well today involved two more firsts!

The very first time I have resisted the urge to press my snooze button continuously until I have no choice but to get up. I am the ultimate queen of the snooze button but not today. I awoke at six admittedly I did spend a few minutes actually getting up. Please bear in mind I did not have to be up until 7. At 6.21 and feeling very proud of myself I left the house for my 4 mile run. The FIRST TIME EVER I have actually gone out at this ungodly hour of my own accord for a run!!

15 minutes in and I'm feeling awesome, I've done it! I am a disciplined, dedicated early morning runner. I've left my bed and am embracing the early morning air, running up the dual carriage way (a hill might I add!) when suddenly with no warning the pavement is getting closer to my face and I end up splatted on the hard concrete!!

This is my 2nd 1st for the day.

I am horrified! I have fallen for the first time ever apart from when running through mud but that is more of a slip so doesn't count. Rolling from my bruised and painful knees, I feel the sting of my hands and see the blood on my palms, now I'm realising my left knee has taken most of the force and I panic that I've done a serious injury. With tears in my eyes I heave myself to standing and then thank my lucky stars only one car was driving past to witness my epic splatting! And they didn't stop to check me for fatal injuries!! However they are probably like the sensible me who stays in bed and presses snooze until the last minute and have no time to stop and help a mad woman running at stupid O'clock!
So with my bruised and battered pride and my sore bits I limp off in the direction of home, cursing my good intentions and resigning myself to the fact I will never run again due to my horrific injuries!! Luckily I am just as stubborn as I am a drama queen with the pain threshold of a gnat and I decide to limp on with my remaining 2 miles and seek the sympathies of my offspring when I get home! Who after initial concern resume their inability to get out of bed. Probably safer!

For those of you wondering why I fell, I must point out it wasn't my fault. I got tangled in a nylon box tie thing! It made me think of the poor seagulls that get tangled in beer can plastic things!

So the moral of the story is -

By the way I am perfectly fine apart from a few grazes and being capable of feeling like the only person ever to have fallen over!
Who knows I may even attempt an early morning run again. I wouldn't mind but as most of my running is done in the dark it is typical I fell when it was light.
On another note I have my lovely photos for my fundraising press release courtesy of Mike Gatiss.
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